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Costco App

Lead designer on the Costco App Savings panel for USA and Puerto Rico. Responsible for App design and content. Updating and maintaining look and feel of app content on time.


    • Create templates for new look & feel of App tiles
    • Improve Design & User Experience
    • Organize, produce & test App content.
    • Implement promotional notifications.
    • Multiple initiatives to improve functionality.
    • Collaborate with Marketing, Dev and UX on all projects.


    • Significant increase in sales through the App by adding promotional tiles & notifications.
    • Improved functionality by streamlining content.
    • Boost email signups by upgrading visibility.
    • Enhanced efficiency by training co-workers and modifying content production process.


      Costco App | Before

      • Three static tiles
      • Design is unchanging
      • Promotions turned on and off according to date
      • Limited promotions


      Costco App | After

      • Redesign of the Savings Panel tiles
      • Implement multiple promotions
      • Template & style update
      • Improved user experience
      • ADA compliance
      • Reduced clicks to purchase

      App Landing Page:

      This webpage was created for It was built to educate consumers and increasing awareness of the Costco App. When Costco added the Digital Membership Card to the App they experienced a large spike in App use. This page was created to support customers use more effectively the different App functions.

      Responsibility Include:

      • Web page design & code
      • Content Design
      • Costco Digital Membership promotional material



      Over the last four years I have voluntarily taken a leadership roll with the Costco App. During this time the App and the tool to create content has gone through many iterations. I have worked alongside the lead developer, UX and Marketing to improve, troubleshoot and improve the App content and User Experience.


      • Design and implement App content
      • Troubleshoot with App Dev
      • Present UX feedback to stakeholders
      • Train other designers
      • Implement and test notifications
      • Coordinate marketing opportunities

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