Packaging Design

This cheese company imports high quality Gouda cheese from the Netherlands. They hired me to create packaging for their newest unique gouda creations. The large wheel label is printed on a tissue paper, printed in Holland. That paper is placed on the cheese surface. The color & design of the smaller label matches the larger wheel of cheese for product recognition.

Project Details

Client: Cheeseland Inc. Date: August 2009 Skills: Packaging Design, Illustration.

Honey Bee Goat Cheese

Cheeseland Inc. wanted a bee that was friendly and appealing. I illustrated a friendly bee and composed the logo and packaging. We chose to use the honeycomb background to show off the honey added to the cheese. In 2014 we redesigned all the consumer labels for their whole collection of cheese from a traditional cheese label to the new florette shape.

Project Details

Client: Cheeseland Inc.
Date: August 2014
Skills: Packaging Design, Illustration.

Snack Size

Now launching new packaging for some of their favorite cheeses. These small bite size pieces are sold in a pack of five. I designed the new packaging to match the already established branding.

Cheeseland Inc. Designs

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Honey Bee Goat Cheese

On Location

In a local store Honey Bee and Isabella labels doing their job.

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