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The Challenge

Sarenedipity Sones was developed by an artist making memorial pieces from stones she hounded. She was just starting her work as a business person and had no experience with online media. She also was at the beginning stages of organizing her business and how she wanted to present it.

The Solution

After several meetings we discussed design styles, business goals, and had several web tutorials. I was able to organize her content, with my editing help, I got a draft of her site up and running quickly so she could see where she could go with her artwork as a store. By the time we completed the site she not only had a professional platform to sell her artwork, she also had the skills to self manage the site to keep it up to date.

Thank you to Ellen Leon, for her commitment and drive in taking my vision to the web world in a way so that others could interpret, understand, and navigate through it. Ellen has a true talent in not only the technology of website production, but also has the ability to see and feel the passion behind the technical piece.
J. Carpenter

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