The American Snapshot

The Challenge

A.S. Lawrence Galleries wanted to sell their collection of high quality printed vernacular photographs on line. With a large number of on-line galleries to compete with, Larwrence wanted something that was not only elegant, but would show up in searches for vernacular photography, associating his work with the best historical photographers.

The Solution

I created a unique template using a content management system that accommodated the specific high end visual qualities Lawrence wanted. Additional social media sites and a blog were attached. I tutored Lawrence over several sessions to be able to develop the sites, independently. With no previous experience, Lawrence has updated the content in his store and all the sites will continue to grow with his new skills, increasing this new gallery’s visibility on the web.

the american snapshot

A Gallery of Artwork

Designed to taste.

Online Shopping

Complete Content Management.
Easily manage your products.

Social Media

Set-up for all major Social Media sites.
Web training for online updates.

The Complete Package

  • Personalized and elegant on-line store & gallery.
  • Responsive Design – the site fits on various screen sizes (computers, tablets, phones).
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Full content management.
  • Web Tutorials for self- management of website, social media sites & blog updates.
  • Website Traffic 50% 50%
  • Mobile Visibilty 80% 80%
  • Increased Knowledge 75% 75%

The Results Were Amazing

With all the visual elements Lawrence wanted incorporated into his gallery, he was up and running with his business in record time. Now ready to make sales, he is also equipped with the knowledge and skills to keep his business growing and thriving on the web.

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